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Our founder’s story

I set up Earthly Gains Ltd to help companies benefit from the techniques that I have learnt from working with hundreds of companies over the last 25 years.  

In the Early 1990’s, I managed a project to help companies put in environmental management systems. Everyone thought that this would raise costs and be a burden on management. In fact, all of the companies involved saved money. They all discovered some aspect of their operations were using resources inefficiently.  

This was an early demonstration that few companies are truly resource efficient. Companies focus on delivering their core products and services as effectively as possible. Few have the time to analyse where they could be more efficient. Those that do have time don’t necessarily have the skills needed to best drive resource efficiency.

I led a major programme to help businesses in the UK become more resource efficient. It helped many thousands of companies in the UK to save money through resource efficiency. We found that through resource efficiency companies could realistically expect annual savings of at least :

  • £1000 per employee in manufacturing
  • £200 per employee in service industries 

Of course, many companies save much more than this.

In the late 1990’s, the concept of sustainability was starting to gain traction with leading companies. Resource efficiency can help with many aspects of sustainability. I have helped many people understand how to address sustainability in their company and to reap the benefits that being more sustainable can bring. 

Earthly Gains can help your company to reap similar benefits.

            Martin Gibson


Sustainability and caring for the environment are important to ensure that we can all thrive. Businesses increasingly know that it makes sense to look after the planet and people to be successful in the long-term. However, it isn’t always clear what is needs to be done.

We have found that most businesses are already doing a lot of good things. We can help them see how to build on these to grasp new opportunities.

Good communication is important to implement and get the most benefit from environmental and sustainability improvements. We are surprised by how many projects fail because of poor communication. We also find that poor communication is rife wherever technical expertise is required.

We have communications and project management expertise that supports our core sustainability knowledge and helps clients to meet their objectives. Indeed, some of our client projects focus on delivering communications, such as helping business people understand poorly written or over-complicated technical information.